Stain Removal & Prevention

Stain Removal & Prevention

Red wine, paint, nail polish, oil… The list of substances that do not mix well with carpets and upholstery is a long one. Nasty stains are often in the most obvious places and can be very stubborn to remove with shop bought cleaning products.

AAA Carpetcare have been removing and preventing all kinds of stains from carpets since 1977 and we have the latest cleaning equipment, techniques and chemicals to ensure your carpet looks immaculate again. No matter how bad it looks, we will be able to tell you within minutes whether every trace of the stain can be removed.

Most stains can be removed quickly and efficiently using our van-mounted, non-invasive machinery and all our treatments are safe for pets and children. Using special prevention techniques, we can also try and make sure your carpet and upholstery remains stain free. Contact us to get a free, no obligation estimate.

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