Public Sector Cleaning

Public Sector Cleaning

It is inevitable that in public, high foot traffic rooms, the carpets will suffer. Regular cleaning by staff and caretakers in properties like community centres and care homes can help to remove some day-to-day dirt but the build-up of spillages and outside dirt can still leave carpets looking dull and old.

AAA Carpetcare can provide regular deep cleaning to help maintain a cleaner, safer and visibly more attractive environment for your premises. Our powerful van-mounted Phoenix hot water extraction systems will revive carpets, remove tough stains and help to extend the length of time before carpets need to be replaced.

Our equipment is self-sufficient, which means cleaning can be done quickly and efficiently without moving around heavy equipment or disrupting the routines of residents or visitors. We are proud to count The Beach Ballroom as one of our longstanding public sector clients. Contact us to get a free, no obligation estimate.

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